About Us

TSF Capital is the pioneer of fund-of-funds (FOF) management companies in China, the Manager of Guizhou Province Venture Capital Guiding Fund, which focuses on investing in Private Equity funds (PE) in China. We are founded in 2009, and currently manages more than 2 billion yuan. 

TSF Capital has strong management team with extended and rich experiences in various industries and PE investment in local China and all around the world.

Three main business segments: Government Venture Capital Guiding Fund, PE Secondary Market share acquisitions, and potential PE fund investment.

Guizhou National Development and Reform Commission set up the Guizhou Province Government Venture Capital Guiding Fund in 2012, this guiding fund’s objective is investing and developing the local enterprises with market-oriented operation by Government policy guidance.

TSF Capital focuses on PE Secondary Market share acquisitions since early 2012, and 300 million yuan total trading were completed so far. TSF Capital became the leading company of PE Secondary Market share acquisitions in China.

TSF Capital has the unique PE funds selection criteria and risk control system to help us investing in the “under the radar” PE funds with great potential. This will result in “win-win” for all parties involved.